Port Moresby – bush walking & other attractions

I’ve been enjoying the Sunday bush walks organised by the fortnightly Port Moresby bush walking club so I thought I’d give a quick plug for a blog created by a former member – Steve Bennett – that includes photos and descriptions of his many walks. If you’ve been on some of the bush walks, or a thinking about joining, I think you’ll enjoy Steve’s blog. I did.

While I’m at it, how about a general plug for my current home town? Admittedly Port Moresby isn’t the easiest place to live but it does have a number of attractions. In the town itself these include …

  • Parliament House (Independence Dr)
  • the National Museum and Art Gallery (Independence Dr, next door to Parliament House)
  • the National Botanic Gardens (cnr of Waigani Dr and Goro-Kaeaga Dr – entrance on the latter road)
  • several private art and craft shops and galleries (eg, PNG Arts on the Poreporena Fwy)

Parliament House (Haus Tambaran), PNG

And if you have a car, there are also numerous options for day trips/weekenders to:

  • Loloata resort (Magi Highway, approx. 30 mins drive from POM)
  • March Girls resort (Magi Highway, Gaire Beach, past Loloata, approx. 1 hours drive from POM)
  • Bomana war cemetary (Sir Hubert Murray Highway, approx. 30 mins drive from POM)
  • Bluff Inn (at 16 mile on Sogeri Road, approx. 45 mins drive from POM)
  • Varirata National Park (Sogeri Road, shortly before reaching the small town of Sogeri and the turn-off to Owers’ Corner – the start/finish of the Kokoda Track, approx. 1-1.5 hours drive from POM)
  • Crystal Rapids (picnic spot) and Sirinumu Dam (not far from Varirata)

Bomana war cemetary, Jan 2010

For ex-pats or tourists who are weighing up whether to visit or live here, I hope this will help convince you that Moresby does have its attractions, even if life here isn’t quite like it might be back home.


2 Responses to “Port Moresby – bush walking & other attractions”

  1. James Macpherson Says:

    Thanks, I enjoyed your positive comments about Port Moresby – it needs them!
    are you still able to give me contacts for the Bushwalking Club – email or telephone?
    I would very much enjoy opportunities to exercise, to meet and to see.
    Jim Macpherson

    • Harry Greenwell Says:

      hi James, I’m afraid I’ve lost touch with the bushwalking crew since I returned to Oz some years ago. hopefully you can track them down through Moresby networks. cheers, Harry

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