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Update (25/07/10): I now have a complete list of parties contesting the 2010 election here.

I have been trying to keep track of the proliferation of new political parties (see previous posts here and here). My current tally is that nine new parties have been established and up to six existing parties are likely to re-contest.

This suggests that, once again, there is strong interest in the upcoming election, even before the election date is announced. And the true number of parties may be even higher. A couple of weeks ago, Radio Australia reported that 11 new parties have declared their intention to run in the upcoming elections.

Here is my latest tally …

The newest new parties

In the last week, three new parties have appeared in the online news (see previous post for details):

Other new parties

Here are the six other new parties that I’ve mentioned previously:

It is also possible that the Malaita Political Party may still be established by members of the Malaita Ma’asina Forum but I haven’t seen anything about it in the online news since September 2009.

Existing parties

There are seven parties listed on the Parliament web site. One of those, Manasseh Sogavare’s SoCred party, obviously won’t contest this election since Sogavare is now heading up OUR party. The other six parties are all members of the CNURA government and have recently signed a coalition agreement. It seems likely that most of these parties will re-contest

  • People’s Alliance Party (PAP, est. 1979)
    (prominent members: Allan Kemakeza)
  • Association of Independent Members (AIM, est. c.2001)
    (prominent members: Snyder Rini, Tommy Chan)
  • Liberal Party (est. 1988)
    (prominent members: late Bart Ulufa’alu, Japhet Waipora, Milner Tozaka)
  • Democratic Party (est. 2006)
    (prominent members: Matthew Wale, Steve Abana)
  • Nasnol Pati (est. c.1997)
    (prominent members: Francis Billy Hilly)
  • Party for Rural Advancement (est. 2006)
    (prominent members: Job Dudley Tausinga, Gordon Darcy Lilo)

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