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2010 election update

June 29, 2010

Update (25/07/10): my latest election update is available here.

On 22 June, the Governor General, Frank Kabui, officially announced that the election will be held on Wednesday, 4 August. Candidates have two weeks (until 7 July) to nominate for the election.

In the meantime, campaigning has begun in earnest, with policy announcements on a range of issues. Here are summaries and links to announcements made in recent weeks. (I previously posted on various campaign manifestos and policy announcements back in March.)

Here’s a list of the range of topics covered in the announcements:

  • Decentralisation, rural development & RCDF
  • Taiwan & China
  • RAMSI and aid donors
  • Democratic Party (SIDP) – its record & party list
  • PAP’s priorities
  • Others – gambling, tourism & SEZs
  • Sri Ramon Quitales – RIP