2010 election – female candidates

At least 22 women will contest the August election. There were 26 female candidates in 2006 – a record number, although none were successful in winning a seat (see my earlier post on women in Solomons politics.)

Here is the list of female candidates for the upcoming election along with a few details about their careers, qualifications and party affiliations. The original sources for this list were two reports in the Solomon Star on 8 July (which claims to list 18 female candidates but in fact only lists 16) and 12 July.

  1. Sylvia Nowak Anderson (North West Choiseul): part German descent
  2. Nuatali Tongarutu (North New Georgia): private lawyer, former acting Attorney General during the GCCG-Sogavare administration, sister of fellow candidates Nairie Alamu (South New Georgia) and Joseph Douglus (West New Georgia – Vona Vona)
  3. Jennifer Fugui (Fataleka): Masters of Public Policy (ANU, 2009), recipient of the Australian Leadership Award scholarship
  4. Judy Kwatena F Barty (Aoke/Langa Langa, OUR party)
  5. Greenta Tome (North Guadalcanal, OUR party)
  6. Catherine Pule (Ngella, People’s Congress Party): teacher
  7. Doreen Linga (South New Georgia/Rendova/Tetepari): Communications Officer, WWF
  8. Hellen Hilly (Marovo, People’s Congress Party)
  9. Cathrine Atanakakia (West Honiara)
  10. Hilda Ki’i (North West Guadalcanal, Reform Democratic Party of Solomon Islands, RDP-SI): lecturer, Distance Education Unit, SICHE (2001-?); resource person for Guadalcanal Province Leaders Summit 2005; co-author (with several others) of “Raetemaot: creative writing from Solomon Islands” (1996)
  11. Delma Nori (Central Honiara): leader, Twelve Pillars to Peace and Prosperity (TP4), she has contested three previous elections (East Honiara by-election in 2008, 5th out of 26; Central Honiara in 2006, 5th out of 12; Rennell Bellona in 2001, 3rd out of 9), graduated in 1973 with a Diploma in Theology, Administration and Public Relations from Sonoma Adventist College, PNG (source: Island Sun, 25 July)
  12. Julieth Keti (East Honiara): member of the Executive Committee of the East SI Mission (SDA, 2004)
  13. Jane Tozaka (Hograno/Kia/Havulei): came 3rd out of 9 in 2006 with 15% of the vote, former public servent (administration cadre, Ministry of Finance), Director of Our Telekom (until 2007), provincial nominee (Isabel) to the recent Constitutional Congress, wife of outgoing Minister for Public Service and fellow candidate Milner Tozaka (North Vella La Vella)
  14. Rhoda Sikilabu (Gao Bugotu, Reform Democratic Party of Solomon Islands, RDP-SI): member of the Isabel provincial assembly (Sigana ward)
  15. Rachael Theo (Maringe Kokota):
  16. Betty Gigisi (South Guadalcanal):
  17. Catherine Adifaka (East Honiara): former Public Service Commisioner, editor/co-author of ‘Being the First’, provincial nominee (Honiara) to the recent Constitutional Congress
  18. Rose Anilabata (Central Kwara’ae): former member for Buma Ward, Malaitan Provincial Assembly, and former Provincial Minister of Sport and Tourism (2002-06); came in 4th out of 18 in West Kwara’ae in 2006 with 7.8% of the vote
  19. Gloria Sibisopere (West New Georgia/Vona Vona): town clerk (Noro Town Council), wife of Soltai’s general manager Milton Sibisopere; her campaign launch on 1 July emphasised rural livelihoods, transparency in use of RCDF and honesty in leadership
  20. Nairie Alamu (South New Georgia/Rendova/Tetepari): permanent secretary, Ministry of Communication and Aviation, sister of fellow candidates Nuatali Tongarutu (North New Georgia) and Joseph Douglas (West New Georgia – Vona Vona)
  21. Nesta Marahora (Central Makira): current member of the Makira Ulawa provincial assembly (ward 10)
  22. Selina Boso (West New Georgia/Vona Vona): PFNet supervisor (March 2009), Director, Department of Provincial Government and Constituency Development (2006), co-author (with Helen Leslie, 2003) of “Gender-related violence in the Solomon Islands: The work of local women’s organisations” Asia Pacific Viewpoint, Vol 44, Issue 3, pp.325 – 333

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4 Responses to “2010 election – female candidates”

  1. Info Says:

    » Jane Tozaka (Kia Hograno): came 3rd out of 9 in 2006 with 15% of the vote, Director of Our Telekom (until 2007), provincial nominee (Isabel) to the recent Constitutional Congress, wife of outgoing Minister for Public Service, Milner Tozaka. ++ in addition Jane Tozaka served a number of years as a public servent, especially in the Administration Cadre of the Ministry of Finance.

  2. Info Says:

    Nuatali Tongarutu – standing for North New Georgia against Tausinga. A private lawyer, former acting AG, and (((real))) sister of Nairie Alamu (Former PS). Their (((real))) brother is Joseph Douglus, standing for West New Georgia – Vona Vona.

  3. Info Says:

    Sylvia Nowak ANDERSON is also a female candidate for North West Choiseul. She is of part German descent.

  4. Harry Greenwell Says:

    Info – many thanks for these extra details. I have updated the post accordingly. cheers, HG

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