2010 election – Honiara

There are 41 candidates contesting the three Honiara seats in 2010, almost equalling the 43 contestants in 2006 (Solomon Star, 9 July). This time around, however, it is Central Honiara that is very hotly contested (23 candidates, up from 13 in 2006) whilst East Honiara has 12 candidates (down from 20) and West Honiara has just 6 (down from 10).

The table below provides some statistics on the Honiara seats in recent elections. Below that is a partial list of the candidates in each constituency (source: Electoral Commission, published in the Island Sun, 12 July, also published on the Toabaita Authority for Research and Development (TARD) blog). I’ve also included any information I’ve been able to find about the candidates’ party affiliations, previous electoral performance, work experience and qualifications. (Note: I will keep updating this post until the election, so comments and corrections are particularly welcome.)

Table 1: Election statistics, Honiara

Election Candidates Voters (reg’d) Votes cast Voter turn-out
2010 41
2006 43 62,716 17,819 28.4%
2001 25 ? 12,324 ?
1997 ? ? ? ?
1993 17 13,260 7,313 55.2%

Table 2: Candidates per constituency, Honiara







East Honiara






Central Honiara






West Honiara












West Honiara constituency

There are 6 candidates in 2010, compared to 10 in 2006, 12 in 1997 and 10 in 2001 and 1993.

  1. Namson Tran: businessman & part-owner of Honiara Casino, subject of critical commentary, eg, this letter (17/03/10) by former Permanent Secretary, Dr George Manimu and this earlier Craig Skehan article in the SMH (24/10/06).  (Skehan refers to Tran in the context of ‘so-called money men’ in Solomons politics.)
  2. Isaac Inoke*: outgoing MP (2006-10), won with 27.4% of the vote (832 votes)
  3. Alfred Soaki: former AUSAID lands consultant, former Lands Commissioner, son of late Sir Fredrick Soaki (the highly regarded former Police Commissioner who was assasinated in Auki Lodge in February 2003)
  4. Catherine Atanikakia
  5. Andrew Mua: current Honiara City Mayor, candidate in the 1997 election
  6. Toxie Polyn

East Honiara constituency

There are 12 candidates in 2010, compared to 20 in 2006 and 7 in both 2001 and 1993. And in the by-election on 23 October 2008, there were 26 candidates. Curiously, the winner of that by-election – Silas Miller Milikada – has decided not to recontest his seat.

  1. Paul Maenu’u: former MP for Lau-Mbaelelea (2001-06) and minister in the Kemakeza government
  2. Geoffrey Samuel (OUR party): former General Manager of Home Finance Corporation
  3. David Jack Maesua: former President of the then Honiara Town Council
  4. Eddie Misi
  5. Simeon Bouro: former MP (2001-06) and minister in the Kemakeza government
  6. Thompson Guralaua: agriculturalist, has lived in NZ for the last 10 years (where he holds shares in a cattle business)
  7. Douglas Ete (Reform Democratic Party of Solomon Islands, RDP-SI): current President, SIPEU (SI Public Employees Union), former CEO, National Referral Hospital
  8. Charles Dausabea: former MP (2006-08, 1997-2001, 1993-94, 1990-93) and minister in the Sogavare government (and others). See also my earlier post on East Honiara.
  9. Wycliffe Ene
  10. John Nelson Ross
  11. Catherine Adifaka: former Public Service Commissioner
  12. John Lausao

Central Honiara constituency

There are 23 candidates in 2010, compared to 13 in 2006 and 8 in 2001. (This seat did not exist in 1993.)

  1. Robert Donyhill Hite
  2. Jonathan Zama: owner of SMART bakery, brother of Hon. Francis Zama
  3. Dudley Wate
  4. Fred Peter (OUR party)
  5. Bernard Bakote’e
  6. Francis Waleanisia: Democratic Party, former Deputy Solicitor General
  7. Martin Alufurai: President, Solomon Islands Football Federation (SIFF)
  8. John Buluwale
  9. Steve Lebaro
  10. Moon Pin Quan: former MP (2001-06), came 6th in 2006 with 7.0% of the vote
  11. Edward Rarabae
  12. Nelson Ne’e*: outgoing MP (2006-10), won the 2006 election with 25.6% of the vote
  13. Delma Nori (leader, Twelve Pillars for Peace and Prosperity Party (TP4) party): has contested three previous elections (East Honiara by-election in 2008, 5th out of 26; Central Honiara in 2006, 5th out of 12 with 8.3% of the vote; Rennell Bellona in 2001, 3rd out of 9), graduated in 1973 with a Diploma in Theology, Administration and Public Relations from Sonoma Adventist College, PNG (source: Island Sun, 25 July), wife of fellow candidate Andrew Nori (East ‘Are ‘Are)
  14. Barnabas Henson
  15. Pr Ishmael Idu Misalo
  16. Samson Raete’e
  17. Beato Apaniai
  18. Michael Anita: former senior police officer, subsequently found guilty by the High Court in May 2005 of abduction, assault and rape but acquitted in May 2006 following an appeal to the SI Court of Appeal, brother of fellow candidate Henry Tagini Anita (West Kwara’ae)
  19. James Mua
  20. Charles Matanani: painter and artist
  21. Eric Tema (Reform Democratic Party of Solomon Islands, RDP-SI)
  22. Lawrence Makili: Honiara City Counsellor, anti-dolphin export activist, associate of Mark Berman (Director, Earth Island Institute)
  23. John Moffat Fugui: most recently Caucus Secretary for govt. caucus, came 2nd in 2006 with 20.0% of the vote, former SSPM to PM Kemakeza, Fulbright scholar and former academic at University of Hawaii, husband of fellow candidate Jenny Fugui (Fataleka)

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2 Responses to “2010 election – Honiara”

  1. Jo Herlihy Says:

    Hi Harry

    I was wondering how to get on to you.

    In 1997 there were 12 candidates in West Honiara (Lester Huckle Saomasi, Peter Vincent Bennett, Leonard Palmer Maenu’u, Andrew L. Mua, James Henry Star Dora, Margaret Rose Luilamo, Joseph Douglas, Albert Hatigeva, George Albert Kuper, Cumming K. M. Tepuke, Christopher C. Abe (sitting member in Marovo), and Bartholomew S. Buchanan). Total 2262 votes cast, voter turnout 52.08% of 4343 registered voters, winning candidate Lester Saomasi with 683 votes or 30.2% of the vote. Only he, Peter Vincent and Leonard Maenu’u got double digits.

  2. Harry Greenwell Says:

    Jo – hello, I hope you’re well! Many thanks for the West Honiara stats – I’ve made some small updates accordingly. I’ll be in touch by email shortly.

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